Message Routing Page

Message Routing Page

Under the PBX Account tab of your ReachUC Mobility app, you will find the Message Routing link.  Clicking this will open the page where you will find the settings for how messages are routed when your ReachUC account sends or receives them plus information on who has set your account to receive copies of messages that they receive.

Send Inbound Copies

Clicking on Send Inbound Copies will open up the settings for forwarding or sending copies of your incoming messages to another ReachUC User, an Email address, or a URL. To learn more about this go to our article on SMS Copies or Forwarding Options.


Send Outbound Copies

This is similar in functionality and settings to Send Inbound Copies but will apply the settings to any messages you send.
Clicking on Send Outbound Copies will open up the settings for sending copies of your outgoing messages to another ReachUC User, an Email address, or a URL.


Numbers Forwarded To Me

If another ReachUC user added you to their Send Copies To list, the phone number(s) assigned to them will reflect in your Number Forwarded To Me section. Clicking on this will open or hide this information.

Unlike phone numbers shared with you using the SMS Number Sharing Feature, you cannot use the forwarded number as an SMS sender when you reply to SMS messages. The SMS message recipient will see your own phone number as the sender of the SMS message. If you have no SMS-enabled phone number, you will not be able to send replies to messages that are forwarded to you.

SMS Copies or Forwarding Options

If you wish to forward your messages or send a copy to other people you can do this through the Send Copies settings found in the SMS Numbers page of your ReachUC mobile app. You have three destination options for sending copies: ReachUC User, Email, or URL. 

Adding a Recipient

You can add a recipient one at a time by clicking on the floating Plus icon and then choosing one of the three destination options.

ReachUC User

Choosing the ReachUC User option will show a list of ReachUC users in your organization to choose from. Clicking on one of the choices will add that extension to the Send Copies list.


Choosing the Email option will open a dialog where you can supply an email for which incoming SMS messages will be sent copies to. Note: An email address in the correct format must be entered or it will not be saved.


Choosing the URL option will open a dialog where you can supply a URL for which incoming SMS messages will be sent copies to.  The entry should be an active URL endpoint starting with http or https. 

Please note the following important points related to forwarding messages to a URL:

  • The URL endpoint should NOT require authentication. 
  • The URL should support the HTTP POST method
  • The following information is sent as JSON payload:
    • source (the sending entity)
    • destination (the receiving entity)
    • message (the message content)
    • urls (references to media files when the incoming message is an MMS)

Removing a Recipient

Clicking on the trash can icon beside a recipient will remove that from the list where your incoming messages will be sent a copy to.