ReachUC for Office 365

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  1. Installation – To install the ReachUC add-in to your Outlook 365 follow the steps below.
        1. Inside Outlook 365 press File on the menu and go to the Info tab which is located on the left.
        2. Click Manage Add-ins then go to General and press Manage add-ins.  It will open up a page in your browser showing Outlook Mail options.  Go to General then Manage add-ins.  Press the Plus symbol and choose the option Add from a URL.

        3. This will open up a dialogue screen where you may paste the URL for the ReachUC add-in which is  and then click Next.

        4. You may get a warning dialogue which is ok.  Press Install to confirm your installation of the ReachUC add-in. Once ReachUC is installed, the ReachUC add-in will appear under the Manage add-ins screen.

        5. ReachUC should now show as another ribbon/menu option in the Outlook 365 window.

        6. You can now press the ReachUC icon which will open up ReachUC on the right portion of the Outlook 365 window.

  2. Using the ReachUC add-in – Once you have the ReachUC add-in opened you can then log-in using your PBX account credentials
    1. Upon successful login you will be shown  the numbers detected from any email currently open in the Phone Numbers section.

    2. There is a Properties section below that which when opened will show you details of your PBX account.
    3. Clicking on the Phone icon beside any number will initiate a call to the number from your phone associated with the PBX account used to login.
    4. Clicking on the SMS icon beside any number will open up a text box where you can type in a message which will be sent to the number upon pressing the Send SMS button.
    5. Clicking on the Fax icon beside any number will open up a box where you can then choose a file to be sent as a fax and a dropdown for choosing which Caller ID to use for sending the fax.

    6. Clicking on Menu will show you the options Meeting Manager, Contacts, Keypad, Open ReachUC, and Logout.
      1. Meeting Manager – From here you can create and schedule meetings. To return to the previous screen simply press on the back button located above and below the meeting screen.  You have the option to Add to Calendar a successfully created meeting.
      2. Contacts – This will show you your Outlook contacts.  The folder icon beside the contact will show more details and icons to send a message or start a call to the number beside the icons.  You may also save all contacts listed to PBX by clicking the upload icon found at the top while clicking the upload icon beside any contact will upload only that contact to PBX.
      3. Keypad – This will open a keypad to use to type in a number and then the option to Send SMS, Call, or Send Fax to the number by clicking the corresponding icon below.
      4. Open ReachUC – This will open up the ReachUC website on your browser.
      5. Logout – This will log you out of ReachUC and bring you back to the login screen of the ReachUC add-in.