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Why do I sometimes miss inbound calls from the PBX?

It is possible to miss an inbound call on ReachUC if the app is asleep (ie. not running in the foreground of the mobile device). This is because the iOS and Android operating systems actively shut down unused apps to conserve battery power. When an app is shut down, it is not able to register with the PBX. If it is not registered, then it can not receive inbound calls. To solve this, the RUC server uses a push notification when an inbound call arrives, to wake up the app so it can register and receive the call. The problem occurs if a push notification is lost or delayed due to poor signal or other network problems. In this case, the app can not be activated in time to register and receive the call. The result will be a missed call notification displayed on the ReachUC app. This behavior is an unfortunate byproduct of the energy conservation policies imposed by the mobile device operating systems.

Is it possible to stop ReachUC from ringing if I reject a call on my desk phone?

No, the ReachUC app rings independently of your desk phone.  Rejecting a call on one will have no effect on the other.

Can calls from ReachUC show a different Caller ID number than calls from my desk phone?

No, ReachUC twins your PBX Phone so all calls that you make will appear as if they are originating from your desk phone.

Can I call another ReachUC user without also ringing his desk phone?

When you dial another PBX user, your calls will follow whatever call handling rules that user has set up.  There is no way to for you to specifically call another PBX user’s ReachUC app.