Distributing Inbound SMS Messages to Multiple Parties

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SMS messages can be copied to multiple recipients.  However, an SMS-enabled phone number can be assigned to a single recipient only and only the assigned recipient is able to reply to the SMS from that phone number.

If an SMS is copied to an email address or ReachUC user, then the recipient can only reply if their email address or ReachUC account is assigned to another (different) SMS-enabled phone number.  In that case, the recipient of the SMS reply would see the sender’s assigned phone number as the source phone number (and not the SMS number that they originally sent a message to).

If you would like to have SMS messages delivered to multiple recipients and have all users be able to reply from the same number,  here are the recommended best practices:

  1.  Use the SMS Number Sharing feature which gives Mobile ReachUC users the ability to share their SMS number with other ReachUC users. This gives the ability to those that have been shared the number, to reply with the shared number as the source (or SMS Caller ID).
  2. Create a group email address and assign the SMS-enabled phone number to it.   But note that you can only reply to an emailed text if your FROM email address is assigned (not copied)  to the SMS enabled phone number.  For example, if the SMS was assigned to the email address  “sales@company.com” then all replies must come from the email address “sales@company.com“.

For help on how to add email accounts to your Gmail or Outlook follow the links or videos posted below.