Desktop Native Recents

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The ReachUC Desktop Native Recents screen shows the most recent activity grouped by contact and shown in reverse chronological order (most recent first).

recents screen

Each entry will show the contact name, type of activity, and the timestamp of the latest activity.

recents activity entry parts

Right-clicking on any entry in the Recents screen will give you the option to

  • Delete all messages from the contact’s history, or
  • Delete all calls from the contact’s history, or
  • Delete all of the contact’s history (this will remove the contacts entry from the Recents screen).
recents screen right click entry

Contact History View

Clicking on any entry will open the screen that shows all activities you have had with the entry’s contact plus giving you options for the contact and a message entry area.

recents contact history
  1. Contact Option buttons
    • call buttonCall Contact – this will initiate a call to the contact
    • history filter buttonHistory Filter – this will show a menu used to filter the events being shown in the History Entries area. Options are:
      • Outgoing calls only
      • Incoming calls only
      • Missed calls only
      • Messages only
      • See all calls and messages
        history filter menu
    • Delete History – this will show a menu to delete from the history either:
      • All calls only
      • All messages only
      • All history entries
        delete history menu
  2. History Entries – These show all the activities in chronological order between you and the contact. Here you can remove a specific entry by clicking on the Deletedelete history entry button button beside the timestamp for each entry.
    history entries
  3. Message Entry area
    message entry area
    1. Message Text area – click here to then type in your message.
    2. Attach button – click and browse to select a file to attach with your message.
    3. Smiley button – click and select a smiley to insert it into your message.
    4. Record Audio Message button – click this to record an audio message. A dialog will appear giving you a timer to show the length of the audio message, a Stopstop or cancel button button that will stop the recording and cancel the audio message, and a Sendsend audio message button that stops the recording and sends the recorded audio as a message.
      audio message dialog
    5. Send button – click to send the message you composed to the contact.