About the Desktop/WebRTC App

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ReachUC is able to run on Windows and Mac computers with a downloadable app or from a web browser that supports webRTC (such as Chrome).  Both versions rely on WebRTC, the browser-based real-time communications framework.  The difference between versions is that the downloadable application behaves more like other applications that run natively on a Mac or PC computer when interacting with the operating system.  A Chrome browser need not be installed when running the downloadable version.

The default scheme used by the Windows desktop app when calling is reachuc.

The Desktop/WebRTC version of ReachUC has all of the same features as the mobile apps except that the PBX button will display the PBX portal rather than the presence panel that is shown in the mobile apps.

When running in the Chrome browser, the application looks like this (note the URL in the browser bar).


When running as a stand-alone executable, the application looks like this: