As with all mobile applications, the service and quality of calling features are dependent on either the device’s Wi-Fi broadcast quality or the mobile carrier’s LTE coverage.

  • For Wi-Fi-connected devices, factors such as router positioning or multiple devices using the same Wi-Fi connection can cause slowness for all users.
  • For LTE-connected devices, factors such as weather, network congestion, and even solar activity can cause slowness for all users.
  • For both connection methods, Internet Speed Test websites such as https://fast.com can be helpful in troubleshooting slow connection speeds.

Ways to remedy a poor Wi-Fi connection

  1. Have your administrator add packet prioritization for voice on the local network broadcasting Wi-Fi, also referred to as Traffic Shaping.
  2. Consult your ISP to determine if your internet plan is appropriate for how it is being used.
  3. Assess if your router/equipment needs to be replaced. Whether you are using a router to broadcast Wi-Fi or an Access Point, the device broadcasting the Wi-Fi signal has the largest impact on your Wi-Fi quality, regardless of your ISP plan.

Ways to remedy a poor LTE connection

  1. Try moving to a different location with less interference, such as an open air area with minimal obstructions.
  2. Assess if your phone or hotspot needs to be replaced. Newer devices support more recent versions of LTE specifications, allowing for faster data rates.